Margaret Schweigert  2016
Write-In Candidate  for President

  Margaret Elizabeth Schweigert

 for President


The Pledge of Allegience

I pledge Allegience to the flag

of the United States of America

and to the Republic for which it stands,

one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

National Security Plan

Economic security is vital to the United States.  Our strong military, our ability to defend ourselves within our borders and from threats outside of our borders depends on economic security.

Keep troops in Afganistan, agreeing with Obama's plan to keep 5,500 troops past 2016.

Plan military strategy in Syria.  Russia's actions in that country show plans to occupy Syria.  Russia's military actions would not be for the purpose of showing support.

Note: After the terrorist bombings in Paris, France by ISIS on 11/12/2015, France, with the assistance of the United States, responded to the attack by bombing Iraq, Russia has decided to join nations in defeating ISIS. ISIS has claimed responsibility for bombing a Russian charter jet flying over Egypt, killing 224.

Develop plan to increase payments to National Debt creditors.  Decrease dependence on borrowing. Make the U.S. a superlative place to do business.  Make revision of the Federal Tax Code a top priority.

Increase tax revenues through job creation in private sector. 

Trend away from socialism, that is individuals' need for government assistance, where possible.  

Bring Water to the West.

                - Develop technology to provide sustainable water supply for business and industry throughout many of our western areas.  Use private investment money; use government money to the extent necessary to keep the West owned by America

Issues: Stands with Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal