Margaret Schweigert  2016
Write-In Candidate  for President

  Margaret Elizabeth Schweigert

 for President


Many of the pledges that I made in advance of the 2016 primaries and caucuses have now been fulfilled, by the Obama Administration.  I want to continue making plans for work to be undertaken either now, or when I get to Washington.

I want to see Cuba become a state. I think that if we offer a statehood plan which is adopted by Congress and by the citizenship in Cuba, we will form a foundation for prosperity thoughout our southern United States.

2/23/2017  Sent letter to Kellyanne Conway asking for a job working for her.

2/22/2017  No Reply to my letter to Reince Preibus sent on Feb. 9, 2017.

2/17/2017  Changed to Rebublican Party, effective in six months, 11/14/2017.

2/11/2017   Contacted White House.

1/24/2017  Due to Trump's Federal hiring freeze, I will seek a Career Appointment, National Security.

1/19/2017   Great trip to Washington.  Went to the White House. Will apply for a job at the White House on-line.

1/14/2017    Going to the White House on 1/19/2017.  I am looking for a low job in the White House.

12/07/2016 I am looking for a low job in Washington, DC.  How can I serve?